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So What is a Sitter Session? These photography sessions are simply a photoshoot for babies that can sit unaided. These take place at my home studio in Coesmes or nearby in the beautiful outdoors such as at Retiers, Janze, Chateaugiron or Rennes Tharbor Park.

baby girl sitting in grass

When should I book ?

Sitter sessions usually take place at between 6-10 months of age. As soon as your baby is able to sit by them selves get in touch to book your session.There is no exact or correct time, since all babies achieve milestones at slightly different ages. You want to do it once your baby can sit up unassisted, but before they can walk away!  This allows us to sit them on the floor or in a prop and capture adorable images of them looking around and smiling. A lot of parents also like to come in around the six month mark, since it represents the halfway point to the first birthday.  Its best to have these photo sessions before your baby can walk. What makes these sessions such a treat is that babies around this stage are becoming very smiley, playful and curious! So we usually get great big smiles and fun expressions. Parents just love the portraits we get from their baby’s sitter session, and I couldn’t agree more!

Do I need To bring Anything ?

I have a variety of super cute hats outfits and props to use but my aim is not to detract from the focus and beauty of our main subject – your baby! If you have something special you would like to include in the session such as a dodo or special toy then by all means bring it along.  I offer boy and girl outfits in sizes from 6-18 months. My outfits are beautiful and unique vintage or hand-made pieces that you won’t find in stores.

Parents are also of course welcome to bring their own outfits if they prefer. Or you can mix in one favorite outfit from home and one outfit from my studio collection. We can typically get two different outfits in one session. This gives us plenty of variety for your baby’s portraits.

Get in touch.

Our experience together begins well before the portrait session, because I believe that great images start with a great relationship. Together, we'll create lasting heirlooms that make your family your art. Every session begins with a conversation; just fill out the form below to get started. I'm looking forward to it.

Pippa x

Dont forget during March 2022 A Sitter session is FREE with any Middle or Top Newborn Package booked