Fine Art Photographer Brittany France

Many people are familiar with portrait photography not everyone knows what fine art portrait photography is or the value of it.

So What is fine art?

According to the oxford dictionary, fine art is:

  • Creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.
  • An activity requiring great skill or accomplishment.

Historically fine art covered painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry but now also includes photography, too.

Fine art photography as all types of art, is subjective to the person. There are many different genres of fine art photography, macro, Landscape, composite, still life, and my favorite portrait to name just a few.

fine art black girl wearing top hat and feathers Brittany france
fine art photography France girl with feathers

What is Fine Art Portrait Photography

To me, fine art photography is creating a piece of Wall Art. Where the photographer is the artist and records the subject in a creative way.

As a fine art photographer in Brittany, I hope my photos will deliver impact, depict emotion and the resulting portraits will be a timeless classical depiction of my vision and the character of the subject combined. There really are no boundaries if it's something you would hang in a gallery, it's classed as fine art! If you planned your photoshoot with a specific idea in mind then your resulting image is fine art.

I love to use darker coloured backdrops to create the illusion of depth and place the focus on the subject.

Fine art photography also comes alive with costumes, outfits and props used creatively. Flowers scarves and inanimate objects can all be used to add drama and create interest just like in an old master portrait.

fine art girl with snake on flowered backdrop

Fine Art Photography

Many fine art photographers leave the image pretty much as it is straight out of camera and others like myself use the editing process to add another element to the image. I like to use a more painterly style on my fine art images. Depending on my vision I play with colours textures light shadows to add to the image and create the image I have in mind. I can create fine art images in my studio or in the beautiful outdoors that surrounds us here in rural France just 30 mins from Rennes. In short, every aspect is planned out, the location, the light, the outfit, everything carefully curated to produce the perfect fine art image.

fine art photography Brittany France girl in woodland surrounded

Fine Art Photography With Rowan Tree Studio

As a fine art photographer in Brittany France, my concept is to capture the beauty of my subject and edit them in my signature style. If you would like to create a special fine art portrait with me please take a look here at my fine art page here. If you are after something contemporary ,or an old masters style orperhaps you don't actually have any idea but you love what you see then get in touch, I cany wait to see what we can create.

fine art girl with flowers in hair Brittany france
fine art photography of a boy close up in france
fine art boy on toy car
boys fine art photo session rowan tree studio