Digital Portraits

I started creating these illustration style portraits a couple of years ago just for myself and a few friends. Then during covid 19 lockdown here in Brittany France I rediscovered them whilst tidying up the files on my laptop one day. I was unable to work as a photographer due to the global pandemic and to keep me busy and still earn a few euros to keep my small business going I thought it would be a good idea to start creating the digital portraits again and offer them to the public.

digital portrait for gifts, dogs floral in Brittany France
Illustration family portrait Brittany France Rowan Tree Studio

Digital Illustration portrait

The portraits became very popular as gifts, I've made many for Christmas presents, birthdays, Valentines you name the occasion I bet I've made a portrait for it. I personalize each one as best I can, adding in pets and items that mean a lot to you, such as Children's teddy's or hat that you hubby wears everywhere.

Digital Family Portrait

Whilst browsing the internet one day I came across a website that had left a review for one of my portraits, please find the link here. If you would like a portrait of your own for any occasion or no occasion at all just because you fancy some quirky art work on your wall, please get in touch I can't wait to get started.