Baby Photography Brittany

Newborn photography is a very special type of photography. Baby's only stay newborns for such a short time, limiting the window we have to take the shots when your tiny newborn is still just that, tiny curled up and mostly wanting to sleep. Apart from milk breaks obviously. You can take photos of them yourself of course, and I'm sure you will, and will probably have hundreds already on your phone by the time we meet but do you really just want phone shots to look back on.

Take the time to book in a professional and you will be sure to have those perfect shots you have been looking at on Pinterest and Instagram to love, cherish and to look back on as well as decorate your home with.

The best time to photograph newborns is between 4 and 21 days but older babies can also be photographed in a newborn style. To guarantee a session when your little one is still newborn I recommend booking your shoot in while you are pregnant. I take bookings from as early as your 20-week scan. I will book you in the week after your due date, I will make sure there is space to fit you in in the surrounding days just in case the little ones arrives a little earlier or decides they want little longer to finish cooking. If your reading this and your little one has already arrived please pop me a message and I will do my best to get you booked in soon as possible so you don't miss out on those precious moments.

To get the images looking just perfect for you and to ensure your little baby is as comfortable and safe as possible. I use techniques and skills I have learnt from taking courses and workshops over the years as well as my own experiences. My setups for my newborn photography sessions such as baskets, beds, outfits etc arent purely for aesthetics, some are to make your baby feel safe and comfortable. Wraps are used for this reason too, it's not just to make your baby look super cute all snuggled up and small, swaddling is an ancient technique used to settle and relax babies. It makes them feel safe and secure, stops their arms and legs from flailing around which can trigger their startle reflex and cause them to wake up. It also keeps them nice and warm as their internal thermostat hasn't kicked in yet.

Most of the items I use for props are very nature-inspired, I'm not a fan of bright colours for baby's so I mostly use natural items. The images also look better up on your walls and fit into your homes colour schemes better if a natural palate is chosen. Almost all of the outfits, items, hats etc are knitted or crocheted, I love the softness and texture of these natural products. There are lots of professional prop makers that I buy from and people that create wonderful handmade items such as Dizzy and Co Designs and  I also often make little hats and layer blankets myself.

newborn baby swaddled in soft white wool wrap and hat photography Brittany France

Newborn Photography near Rennes

When you come to me for your session be prepared to nod off. The room will be warm so wear layers so you can take one off if you need to. The warmth is purely to keep your baby as settled as possible so I can pose them and get the shots that you love. I also use a white noise app which helps keep baby soothed. It's also a good idea to bring an extra feed with you. Babies can be extra hungry due to the stimulation, if your breastfeeding I guess you have that covered. If you have other children I can of course take photos of them all together, it is a long session between 1-3 hours for them to stay occupied, so it is recommended that siblings are either brought at the beginning and then leave or can join us at the end with the parent shots. Yes I said parents shots! Please don't worry you dont look your best or you haven't had time to get your hair or makeup perfect. All the shots will be flattering and honestly this isn't about you, these parent images are for your children to look back on, they really aren't bothered you dont look like a film star to them you will look perfect. If you really don't want to be in front of the camera please dont panic im not going to force you. I want this to be a pleasurable experience so relax and don't worry.

Black and white black lit parent and baby photo shoot Coesmes Rowan Tree Studio

Baby photoshoot Coesmes

If you have a special item you would like incorporated in the session such as a handmade blanket or a special toy please let me know so I can think of the best way to use it in a few images. If you have any other questions for me please take a look at my newborn page here or get in touch below. I can't wait to hear from you.

Newborn baby boy in neutral fur background bear hat taken in Rennes Brittany France