Photographer in Coesmes

So there has been this lockdown and it was long and quite boring and being stuck with your kids 24/7 is lovely to start with but the novelty soon wears off and you need a bit of space on your own even just for 10 mins. So armed with my camera I decided to try something new. The part of Brittany France I live is quite rural, we live surrounded by fields and countryside. My garden quite frankly is a big overgrown mess! It is added to a long list of jobs to be done in the future. For now it is a bit of nature reserve, well I like to call it that anyway ,as it makes the overgrown wilderness sound like we intend it to look that way lol. Any way so to get out from the house on my own with my camera I decided to find some flowers or creatures, anything small really and use my lens which I usually use for portraits which also doubles as a Macro which I have never used as a macro lens before.

The Results

I was quite pleased with the results, I know they are not perfect to professional standards but will still make pretty prints for the wall. The flowers were mostly weeds and some blossom and I also caught a cute little lizard. We have loads of lizards living on our house here in Coesmes, its an old stone building and they love to sun themselves on the stone and hide in the cracks.

So I Kinda Liked it

So it turned out ok, I learnt a few new techniques got some cute photos, got a bit of time to myself and restored a little of my mental health. If we go into another lockdown why not try the same. If you havent got a camera a phone will do it doesn't have to be flowers it can be anything you find, in the home or in your garden or local green space if your aloud there for exercise. While your focused on getting the shot or finding a subject to shoot your my clears and gives you little breather from the madness of the current world situation,

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