Children's Photography

Taking photographs allows you to capture memories of your children and family. Eternalise those little faces, expressions, curls, button nose, etc. I could go on and on. This is so you can look back on in years to come, at those cute little faces or teen's mood, beauty or charm. This is not just for you but also great for your children to remember what they and their siblings and family members looked like once upon a time. Children's minds are like sponges and photos can help them recognise important values such as love and respect.But what other purpose do photos have?

“Confidence is not
"They will like me"
Confidence is

A place to belong.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine the message you are sending to your children with photos displayed all over your home. Photos are an amazing way to reinforce your child's self-image and self-esteem. This begins as young as a toddler up until they are adults.

Self-esteem is feeling good about yourself and what you can do. Children with high self-esteem recognise good qualities in themselves, they feel liked and know how to move on from mistakes. According to a UK survey 78% of people have between one and 15 photos of family displayed in their home. It was also discovered that children that grow up in homes without photos on display are much less likely to hang photos of their own children.

Experts believe photos whether displayed or not can have a profound effect on your child's self-esteem. To a child photos are evidence that they are loved, their family cares and values them.

Judy Weiser, a psychologist, art therapist and author says "family portraiture let's children learn who they are and where they fit."

It creates a sense of belonging to the child, giving them self-confidence and a self-esteem boost each time they see them. Weiser spent over 20 years using photography to assist in the treatment of her clients, also known as Phototherapy.

How fantastic is that! No therapist needed just get a photographer lol.

“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.”

gallery wall of family portraits

Gallery wall of family portraits

Displaying photographs in your home

A photo on a wall is a public display of pride in your child, one they will recognise. Photos remind us of happy times and give us the motivation to get through the bad. a way of displaying the bond you have with each other and how you cherish it. It will allow your child to appreciate the relationships within the family. A gallery wall is a great way for doing this, it can be added to over time with updates of portraits and family times. I love gallery walls and have several in my home including both photos wordings and artwork take a look here for inspiration.

Teen sister shoot, celebrating exam success

sibling shoot

Photography for teenagers

For this age group self-esteem and confidence is even more so important. At this age confidence can be lost so easily, they can feel awkward and uncomfortable with themselves and struggle with their identity. A personalised well though out, styled professional photoshoot can show them how others see them, show them their real inner beauty and give them a real boost.This is not just for girls boys can sometimes feel a little shy but will leave having had a positive experience.

boy teenager leaning on a fence smileing
Teen girl in woodland in rom dress
Boy teen leaning on a brick wall

Print Print Print

So do you have photos displayed at home? Do you have a computer full of images you have never printed or a pile of memory sticks shoved in a drawer? What are you waiting for? Have you heard what everybody runs to save in a house fire or a flood!? It's their cherished family photos.

Get them printed make a gallery wall, make several, print an album, put it next to your child's bed. Or better still get booked in with me and let me take care of the prints, frames and gallery walls for you.

If your ready to book a confidence boosting photo session with me please get in touch below.