Wednesday Wedding Tips

Each Wednesday I will add a tip to help you plan your destination wedding in France. From a luxury chateaux wedding,a glamping festival style wedding, or a small and rustic affair. Whatever your style I will have top tips to help your wedding planning and your big day run smoothly for you and your friends and family.

Make a list of what you need to book

Venue- once you have chosen your venue it is easier to make your other vendor bookings. Click here for some venues in France.

Photographer- Check you love their work, contact them early as they can be booked far n advance. Contact me here to check im free.

Celebrant- Your wedding will not be official without one of these so get in touch soon. Click here for celebrants.

Entertainment- Bands,singers,djs, fire jugglers, whatever your looking for, make sure to read reviews and watch videos of them preforming before you book. Click here for entertainment ideas.{coming soon}.

Wedding tips for weddings in France

Get a file

Get a file add all business cards, photo inspo and contracts.

If you prefer a paper free lifestyle you can create a file on your laptop and keep everything safely stored away on there.

If your mobile phone never leaves your hand it might be worth downloading an app where you can easily download and store safely all of your wedding info. You can scan all your paperwork and business cards and have them to hand any time of day or night. There's plenty of them around depending on what phone you use, Notes is one and Evernote another.

Go one step further with your planning and organisation skills and set up a wedding planning website bespoke to you and your big day to share with family and friends. Find out more about these here.

Planning weddings in France tips

When do I notify guests of my destination Wedding in France?

Save the dates should be mailed out around 12 months before the wedding. The official invites should go out no later than 4 months before. The longer the lead time the longer your guests have to make arrangements.

Guests traditionally cover their own travel and lodging expenses. It's important you make this as clear as possible, you can tactfully provide recommendations of accommodations and booking websites. If you have a hotel block-booked, emphasize that each guest needs to reserve their own room within it.

Your wedding website as mentioned above and info on your save the dates will be your best tools for getting all the information needed out to your guests for a stress-free event for everyone involved.

Check its Legal

Marriage laws vary vastly between countries, so find out if it's legal to get married in the country of your choice.

France requires 40 days of residency for bride or groom before you can legally marry and before the ceremony takes place your marriage bans must be up for 10 days.

Most couples choose to do the legal bit in their home country in secret or with just a few chosen close friends or family in a quick registry office wedding. Then save all the special stuff for France by holding a beautiful blessing, religious ceremony, secular service, or whatever type of celebration you would like, with all your special people, in your stunning chosen setting here in France.

Get A Wedding Planner

If you're happy for your wedding to be a simple affair and you are really not fussed on any of the details then carry on planning your wedding in France yourself. Most venues will happily take care of everything for you or check out this website full of wedding professionals in France here.

If you want a bespoke wedding where you have all of the little details from your Pinterest board incorporated, and you're not fluent in French [be aware all contracts will be in french] or used to the slower pace of life outside of the Cities, [some vendors won't reply to you for weeks and may only speak French] then I would advise you to get a wedding planner that is.

This way all the stress will be lifted from your shoulders and you will get to use a trusted list of vendors to meet all of your needs and give you the wedding of your dreams.