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If you have taken a look at my wedding information page here you might have noticed that I'm not very keen on shooting large weddings. Now, this is not because I don't like them, I quite enjoy attending large weddings and have been to many, including a couple of extremely large Indian weddings. They can be loud full of fun and frolics and generally a great place to spend your day as a guest.

As a wedding photographer in Brittany, this is a whole different story and can quite frankly turn into a bit of a nightmare, well for someone like me it can. I'm pretty introverted most of the time so having to wrangle well-lubricated groups of rowdy people into presentable arrangements to take a photo to please my clients can be scary stuff. This is the reason I changed my focus and style. I now only shoot small weddings and in a documentary style.

What is a Small Wedding

So what is a small wedding? Well, this depends on who you speak to and can vary greatly on family size and culture. A small wedding is typically classed as 50 guests or less, perfect for me! Or even better an intimate elopement. A medium-sized wedding has a guest list of around 50-150 guests and a large wedding anything over 150 guests and upwards, into the thousands in some cases! Crazy! we'll for me it is, imagine having to try and get a group photo for all of those lol!

Bride enjoying a quiet moment with her beloved Grandfather at her small intimate wedding.

What is documentary Style?

So documentary style isn't really anything new it's always been around and is sometimes referred to as journalistic. To me, it's about capturing your day as it is! As authentic as it can get, sometimes warts and all. It's not about staging weird setups that make your wedding look completely different from how it actually is. What is the point in that? OK, I can see this type of wedding photo looks great on Instagram but are you getting married for your audience on Instagram, or are you getting married for you?

Don't you want to remember what actually happened on your wedding day? The smiles the tears the ambiance of your day.

Now don't get me wrong I'm up for a laugh and I love a creative idea so please do let me know if you have a quirky idea you want to be incorporated into your day.

Brides have told me they can remember the feelings and conversations they had on their wedding day, just by looking at some of my images. Now I know that's what I would like to envoke when people look at their wedding photos, not how long the photographer took to move all the furniture around and get everyone into position to get that perfect Instagram staged shot.

With me the majority of the time you won't even notice I'm there, I will be quietly working from the sidelines capturing the expressions the details, and the moments perfectly, encapsulating your day into one of my beautiful folio boxes like a gorgeous time capsule of your day.

Black and white wedding image bride and son France
wedding day facetime black and white wedding photography France

Wedding Photography France

There is an abundance of stunning wedding venues in France that cater for all different sized weddings I will be writing a blog soon on a few of my favorite small wedding venues, so check back here soon to check it out, or subscribe to my newsletter where I will inform you of my latest blog. Now with so many special places to choose from you will need an equally special person to make your day.

France is one of the difficult countries in the world to tie the knot officially, so most couples will do the official stuff in their home country in a quick private civil ceremony in secret and keep the special stuff until they get to their dream destination and carry out the symbolic part of the wedding with vows and rings in front of a celebrant with their family and friends.

  • Here is a wonderful celebrant Zoe Davis, Celebrant of life. I have got to know her since being in France and she equally loves small weddings and elopement', I'm positive she will help guide you through to achieving your dream wedding in Nouvelle Aquitaine, area of France.
  • Natalia is based in Paris but will travel all over France, find her here at My Riviera Wedding.
  • Michelle Wahila will bring professionalism & creativity to your day. Ordained Presbyterian pastor offering couples personalised weddings, relocated from Paris to the Sarthe! With her very own wedding venue coming soon. @ruffledbygrace .
  • Natalie @pariscelebrant. is an English-speaking celebrant in France.  She is based in Paris, however, performs elopements, vow renewals and weddings all across France. She can create a ceremony for your needs, no matter what you are seeking to arrange, and where you wish it to happen.

Here is a link to my wedding listing on a great new website called Simply Wed its full of lots of information for helping you plan your wedding in France.

Wedding photographer Brittany France pink bouquet

Sister of the bride catching the bouquet at a small secret wedding

Do we fit?

So what do you think? Are we on the same page? Am I the photographer for you?

Along with my documentary gallery, I will also create some stunning fine art couple portraiture just for you. I don't want to steal you away from your guests for too long so I will plan these shots out and scout out the beauty spots around your venue to ensure the perfect, statement, Wow shots that will make stunning wall art for your home. If it's a yes or you have a few questions for me please get in touch below, I cant wait to hear from you and get things rolling I already know your wedding is going to be epic!

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Black and white wedding couple France
Fine art wedding portrait
black and white wedding photography Brittany France