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Have you heard the term model call? Are you wondering what it is? Is it a scam? Of course I cant answer for every photography business, but I can tell you what is general practice and what I do in mine.

Model calls are used by many photographers for lots of different reasons.


A photography model call can be to practice photography skills. Think of a photography model call session as a dress rehearsal. To rehearse any type of skill or practice with new gear before the curtain is up and the audience is full of paying ticketholders. Model calls are a great way to try new equipment, work on new poses, get comfortable hosting clients or trying new techniques.


Model call sessions will get new clients through the door. Because the session is usually free or deeply discounted, there is an incentive for new clients to try out a session. They also encourage existing clients to try a new type of session.


Model call sessions can help you create a buzz. New images can from the model call itself and hopefully from the subsequent images as well can gain traction on social media.

I don’t shoot a lot of themed sessions, for example, if I’m needing to generate some buzz about my business, in a new genre for example sibling sessions, I’ll organize a model call for a really specific shoot to get people talking and for them to see an example of my work in this genre.

Fairy photoshoot.

The Purpose of My Model Calls

For me, most of the time my model calls are to practice using new props and outfits for Newborn photoshoots. It takes practice and skill to use each prop in Newborn Photography, with each new prop a new technique is needed to make sure the image comes out perfectly and the baby is posed comfortably and safely. I can then use the beautiful new images as content on my social media. Other times such as for fine Art shoots or Maternity I simply have a fresh idea or new dress that im wanting to use or even a new location I have spotted that I think will look gorgeous. I like to check out all of these things first with a model to check they are perfect before a paying client.

Trying out new equipment and outfits.

So What are the benefits to you.

Depending on the type of model call, there could be several benefits to you. Some model calls will be completely free, some at a discounted rate. Some will have a free shoot plus print or even a few digital images included.

To apply I simply ask you to respond to a facebook post or apply to my call on my website, its very simple.

I will then get in touch and check you are fully aware of what included and expected of you and we can go ahead and get you booked in.

Hope this had cleared a few things up for you.