Wedding Photography France

When planning your wedding in France I know it can be more difficult to find the right photographer for you. You can't just meet up for a chat and friends and family are unlikely to be able to refer you to someone they have used. So to make it a little easier for you to make the right decision, I have put together a list of questions you should ask to make sure you make the right choice for you.

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Wedding photographer questions

  • What is your style?- This in an important one, make sure you check out the photographers website for examples of their work to see if it clicks with you. Traditional photographers may have a classic style with lots of group shots. My style is documentary with fine art style couple images. Take a look here for examples.
  • Do you provide printing rights?- Not all photographers provide this, meaning you have to pay extra to your photographer to produce prints of your wedding images instead of using whatever printer you choose. I provide full printing rights with my wedding packages and full personal use online.
  • Turn around time?- How long will it be before you get to see your wedding gallery, this can vary from weeks to months. I deliver my wedding gallery within 4 weeks sometimes sooner depending on workload at the time. I will always be clear with you if I need extra time due to increased workload during wedding season.
  • Do you use a dual sd slot camera?- Now this is a technical question about your photographers camera. An inexperienced photographer might only have a single sd slot camera. The sd slot holds the memory cards that save your photos. Sometimes a memory card can fail without reason. If you have a dual slot camera, there is always a backup card. I used a dual slot camera and always bring a back up camera to a wedding just to be safe.
  • Will it be you shooting my wedding?- Some photography businesses have multiple photographers and you won't necessarily get the photographer you have been liaising with. It's always nice to have the person you have been chatting with be the one you have, as you have built up a relationship with them so it's worth checking. If you have contacted me, it will definitely be me taking your photos. Unless of course I fall ill, then options will be discussed with you.

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Wedding photographer questions

  • Where do you live? - You want your photographer to turn up. Their is increasing complications due to Brexit for for uk photographers to travel to France. Visas need to be applied for to work in France and lots of other paperwork needs to be put in place. Also Covid 19 has caused a lot of restrictions.When choosing your photographer bear these in mind you dont want your photographer to be stuck at customs or not able to travel. As I live and already work in France there are no restrictions currently for me.
  • Do you charge a travel fee?- Many photographers charge a travel fee especially for destination weddings, travel costs and accommodation can be costly and will need to be covered. As I already live in France my travel costs will be minimal compared with photographers traveling from other countries. My travel costs cover a 2 hour travel distance and just 40c a mile after this. For distances further than 2.30 hours I will require an overnight stay, the night before if you have an early wedding, or just the night of the wedding if this not the case. My accommodation cost per night is €65.
  • Can I request a list of specific shots that I want.- If there are specific shots you want be sure to discuss these with your photographer. I always send a shot list before hand and will do my best possible,to include them within the gallery.
  • Are you insured? Every professional wedding photographer should be insured but it is worth asking just in case some newer photographers might not think it's n'essayer. I am insured, it covers myself my equipment and also covers you if something should happen.
  • What is included in your packages? Every photographer will include different things in their packages from just a downloadable gallery up to pints frames and albums. Details of my packages can be found here.

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The cake gets eaten, the flowers will die, but the wedding photos will last forever”

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Wedding photographer question's

  • Will you use my photos online?- If you are a private person you might not want your wedding images plastered all over the internet. Most people do not mind but always check, there is normally a clause in the wedding contract stating the photographer can use your images online. If you don't want this just make sure you mention it. I will always check this with you, so don't worry.
  • Will I get a private wedding gallery?- Photographers all work differently, some do in-person viewing, or will send you a contact sheet with miniature images of your wedding to choose from. I will send you a link to an online private gallery for you to view your images on.
  • Can I share my gallery online?- As I mentioned all photographers work differently so just check if this is important to you. My galleries have social share abilities so you can share images directly to your Instagram or Facebook if you wish, and you can also share with family and friends.
  • Can I print my images?- If you would like to print your images straight away after receiving you gallery make sure your photographer provides you a download service or a gallery linked to a printers. My galleries are linked to my professional printers so you can get beautiful professional prints delivered straight to your door. Anyone you share the gallery with will have access to the print shop to make life easier. You will also get a download code to download your gallery to save the images to your own device and make prints yourself.
  • What languages can you speak?- If you are planning a destination wedding in France but you can't speak French it can make life a little easier to choose a photographer that you can communicate clearly with so that nothing gets lost in translation. I am British so I speak English and as I live in France I speak a small amount of French.

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If you are interested in me being your wedding photographer in France, please get in touch below to check my availability.