Maternity Photoshoots Near Rennes

Pregnancy is an amazing time of your life. It might feel like it lasts forever at the time as you wish the days and weeks away in anticipation of meeting your little one but actually in the grand scheme of things it's a very short period of your life unless, of course, you go on to have 10 or more! It's also a very beautiful time although you might feel more like a sea manatee than a beauty queen especially when you scroll through Instagram and see all the glamourous pregnant women on there. Pregnancy does sometimes come with some perks some women get a wonderful glow and luxurious locks and a cute bump this may be you it may not.

You might not even want to get a maternity shoot at all after comparing yourself to the perfect Insta Mummas doing hit workouts every day walking 10 miles and looking amazing in their lycra outfits as you sit at home finishing off your second tub of ice cream, but please don't let them put you off. Your body is just as incredible and beautiful as theirs and you deserve to document it. You will definitely regret it if you don't. Here are 5 reasons why every pregnant Mumma should get a maternity photoshoot.

1. Believe it or Not but you will miss it.

You won't think you will, and you probably long to get those days back where you see your feet again, sleep on your front, and your back no longer aches but, alongside all these less glamorous parts to pregnancy, there is also something magical about it that you will miss.

The feeling of kicks and movements and the closeness and safeness of your little one growing inside you. The connection you have and your growing child depending on you solely.

Once the pregnancy is over you will find yourself absentmindedly rubbing your tummy remembering the movements and closeness you had, feeling every little kick letting you know your baby is safe and well. So it's important to document this time, you definitely won't be pregnant forever, it really will have flown by when you look back.

Having Maternity photos will always remind you of this special time, every time you look at the beautiful images it will take you back to this time and those feelings and make you smile.

2. You will be shocked at how beautiful you look

Let's be honest you probably won't be feeling very beautiful during most of your pregnancy between the swollen ankles no clothes that fit and just eating everything in sight you really don't feel like your glowing, only when you climb the stairs.

For most women being pregnant is a real knock to your self-confidence you feel much better sat at home in your comfy clothes hiding your extra weight for 9 months.

In truth, you're growing a real-life human being. Celebrate it!

Get your hair done put on some make up and put on one of my gorgeous gowns. I can guarantee you will feel a hundred times better.

When you see your photos afterward you really will be surprised at just how beautiful you look. You might even want a huge print of yourself!

3. These Photos Will Be Treasured

Getting Maternity photos isn't just a gift to yourself but also to your child and future family.

It's a way of showing them their beginnings, a glimpse into your world as they were growing. They will love to see their beautiful mummy holding the bump containing them and looking at you and daddy being so happy about their impending arrival.

They will know they were loved and cherished before they were even born.

Before you know it your child will be going through the same and having your grandchildren, what a special thing for you all to look at, compare and show your grandchildren, what a celebrated and special time it was.

The photos will be treasured by the whole family.

4.Take time to Bond with Your Partner

Being pregnant can cause some friction between you and your partner. Mood swings changes in your lifestyle, financial implications can all cause changes in your relationship.

Taking Maternity photos together is a great way of strengthing your bond, looking to the future together and how your dynamics are morphing from a couple into a family or your family is growing.

Bring along siblings to be included too, they will love getting involved with capturing this special time as they welcome a new little brother or sister into the family.

Many fathers don't bond with babies until they are born and are able to interact with them. It's different for mums as we feel a deeper connection whilst pregnant.

Taking Maternity photos can help fathers connect and form an emotional bond with the infant as well as help you to connect with each other too.

Get images worth dispalying

Gallery wall including maternity, newborn and sitter session images

Gallery wall

Some people just display a few images at home, of maybe their wedding or a favorite holiday. Well, don't you think that creating a new life is just, if not more special!? The images from your maternity shoot will definitely be worthy of being displayed on your walls so why not create the start of a gallery wall to display your life at every stage. Maternity, newborn, 6month sitting age, first birthday, etc.

Celebrate, capture and display all your life stages. Get in touch today to get started.